What To Expect

The adoption of Lean365 holds the potential to transform an enterprise.

  • We know.

The enterprise has a continuous improvement culture. And yet, the continuous improvement team seeks to both measure the impact and spread the process.

  • Enter: Lean365.

Individuals ascend to the role of continuous process improvement champion. It is their energy, their dedication, their efforts to democratize the adoption of the process that issues the transformation. These individuals possess an understanding of the process, and/or individuals are selected to become process improvement champions.

Lean365 is poised to engage in consultation, training, skill transfer – essentially, Lean365 partners with the enterprise to guide the adoption and spread of the continuous improvement process and transformation.

Lean365 modules are dynamic applications. They are always evolving. Lean365 modules are purpose-built with the flexibility and adaptability to fit the environment and demands.

  • Adoption Phase

    First 30 days

    Collaborative engagement to discuss and review enterprise processes

    Key indicators, specific descriptors, enterprise terminology are incorporated in workflows

  • Training Phase

    Next 30 days

    Train-the-trainer: champions are trained, each will possess requisite skills to effectively roll-out to user community

  • Go Live

    Champions release and orient user community to achieve adoption and spread

    Experiential data is generated by user community seeding AI engine with insight

Lean365 modules reflect the unique conditions of the enterprise. The forms and templates evolve from the input and exchange of ideas in an iterative process. Team Lean365 is engaged through this process.

Lean365 modules are always learning.

The data generated by the adoption, spread and use become the seed that applies experiential data to power the artificial intelligence (AI) engine. Business leaders and team members receive relevant updates as a result of the AI.

The greater the adoption and spread of Lean365, the richer the knowledge base, the more impactful the learned behavior informs users enabling decisive actionable strategy.

What you can accomplish using Lean365? ​

Engage the team/individual to explore and discuss the many goals they are working to achieve. What does success look like? ​

The team communicates in real-time. Each participant serves a role in the progress and can view results. Add individuals to strengthen the process and spread the adoption. Recognize excellence and acknowledge workmanship. ​

Engage by analyzing visual metrics. Together, view gaps to plan. Visual data and real-time dashboards invite internalizing the efforts - this mindset of checking progress and making revisions leads to impactful improvement. ​​

Set timelines for action taken, empower participants to regularly return and view progress. Leaders coach team to revise and tune process. Winning processes become standard to reflect improved method of working.

Lean Strategic Planning ​ ​

Lean365 uses intuitive process to engage to share the goals we seek to achieve. ​​​

Lean365 invites then empowers participants to identify how they are going to contribute and then guides plan into action.

Lean365 is founded on efficient communication. When practiced, organizations work together in pursuit of common goals. ​​​​

The productivity of a team relies on how well the team members see their own goals mapped to the goals of the organization.​​​​