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PDCA Problem Solving​
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Lean365 Platform ​

Lean365 is a SaaS cloud-based enterprise solution that provides collaborative platform to nurture Continuous improvement culture through employee engagement and actionable insights to achieve operational excellence.​

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Layered Huddle Audit​: Process Compliance & Accountability ​

Regulated organizations must implement effective internal audit programs to drive compliance and continual improvement. Gain the maximum benefit from your audits with a closed-loop system to address product, process or system audits, plus manage any findings or non-conformities that may result in necessary procedure updates and re-training.​

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PDCA​ Problem Solving ​


Recognize an opportunity and plan a change.


Test the change. Carry out a small-scale study.


Review the test, analyze the results, and identify what you’ve learned.​


Take action based on what you learned in the study step. If the change did not work, go through the cycle again with a different plan. If you were successful, incorporate what you learned from the test into wider changes. Use what you learned to plan new improvements, beginning the cycle again.​

Leader Rounding​: Gemba Walk ​

Leaders round in their assigned areas to build relationships and to connect the team to purposeful worthwhile work. Rounding provides a time not only to build relationships but to be a role model, mentor, assess employee morale, harvest wins and identify and remove barriers that prevent staff from doing their jobs. It ensures that key behavior standards in the organization are hardwired.

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ShareAI: Idea Sharing ​

Businesses already encourage the sharing of ideas at work. It could be brainstorming sessions, team-building events, quiet rooms dedicated to interaction and collaboration. Or even strategically placed sofas around the water cooler to encourage conversation and ideation. But rather than leaving it to chance, consider how idea-sharing "technology" could transform your business.

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Ask a Coach: Access to Experts​

If your business process isn’t delivering the results you expect, you don’t need a new buzzword to send you off frantically chasing a new star. ​ Get on with the "WHAT’S NOW" with our experts.

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engAlge: Employee Morale​

You can measure your organization's success, in part, by measuring employee satisfaction. Building positive employee morale is not difficult; it just takes desire, time, and commitment on the part of management and the organization.

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Lean365 Features ​

  • Executive Dashboards

  • Artificial Intelligence with natural language processing.

  • Module-specific process metrics ​

  • Client driven metadata

  • Workflow automation

More Features ​

  • Configure workflows without the learning curve​

  • Improve your work throughput with automation​​

  • Eliminate the communication chaos​​ ​

  • Deliver customer value, faster