Lean365: Not just a solution to address business inefficiencies.​

Lean365 links employees during a pandemic.

The pandemic has separated workforces. Daily schedules have shifted to hybrid models alternating on-site and remote presence. Logical teams of people are apart. Separation contributes to isolation, communication gaps, reduced team spirit and generally less employee acknowledgement. Acknowledgement sparks engagement, engagement drives productivity, productivity drives intensity.​

Lean365 is purpose-built to infuse a commitment towards "continuous process improvement", in-so-doing, diffuse employee engagement by adoption and participation to achieve measurable ROI in business process and team vigor.

The pandemic taught us many things. ​

It reminded us to recognize the value of people.

People have needs. People need socialization. Business provides the path via collaboration.​

Lean365 serves as foundation to structure team collaboration towards the achievement of goals and rewards.​

"Lean365 has delivered measurable results and reduced employee turnover by 250%".

Organizations apply the power of Lean365 to harness the spirit of employees to eliminate bottlenecks, solve inefficiencies, improve productivity, advance profitability all-the-while catalyze employee engagement, acknowledgement and satisfaction.

The achievement of catalyzing employee engagement, acknowledgement and satisfaction builds human capital – the capital becomes the fuel to compete – to win.

Measuring levels of human capital is the evolution of WellbeingU, the next enterprise platform.

Lean365 Modules


Layered Huddle Audit
Process Compliance & Accountability​ ​

Regulated organizations must implement effective internal audit programs to drive compliance and continual improvement.

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Problem Solving​

Plan: Recognize an opportunity and plan a change.​

Do: Test the change. Carry out a small-scale study.​

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Leader Rounding​
Gemba walk​

Leaders round in their assigned areas to build relationships and to connect the team to purposeful worthwhile work.

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Idea Sharing

Businesses already encourage the sharing of ideas at work. It could be brainstorming sessions, team-building events, quiet rooms dedicated to interaction and collaboration.

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Ask a Coach
Access to experts​

If your business process isn’t delivering the results you expect, you don’t need a new buzzword to send you off frantically chasing a new star. ​ Get on with the "WHAT’S NOW" with our experts.

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Employee Morale​

You can measure your organization success, in part, by measuring employee satisfaction.

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Why apply Lean365 to your business​ ​

Embrace lean management to deliver new business capabilities and increase the value of your services​
Improve operational agility

Leverage automation to facilitate efficient cross-communication between teams and tools.

Reduce operating costs

Streamline your workflows and improve business outcomes for routine processes.

Eliminate waste

Increase visibility into process bottlenecks and redundancies and eliminate unnecessary work.

Consistent internal controls

Improve accuracy, enforce compliance, and keep control over your operations while scaling up.

High-productivity environment

Liberate your employees to focus on niche activities that help increase the value offered to your customers.

Culture of improvement

Assess your operations in real time and update your workflows to achieve a competitive advantage.

Lean365 Features

  • Executive Dashboards.

  • Artificial Intelligence with natural language processing.​

  • Module-specific process metrics.​ ​

  • Client driven metadata.​

  • Workflow automation.​


What you can accomplish using Lean365?


Get the team / individual to discuss with you the main goal that they’re trying to achieve. What does success look like?​

Get the teams to tell you, by explaining the visual metrics. Where are the gaps to plan? It’s a chance for them to internalize this mindset of checking status and making improvements.​

There are so many ideas, so get them to choose an action that may get them moving forward towards their main goal.​

Agree on the timelines for the current action they’re taking, so you can return and see if it worked. If it didn’t, you’ll coach them to select another idea. If it did, you’ll get them to standardize the process to reflect this improved way of working.